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Bruce Robert Coffin



Jun. 3
11:00 am5K Readers, Writers & Runners
Phillips Public Library, Phillips, ME
Jun. 610:00 amReading/Book Signing
Skidompha Library, Damariscotta, ME
Jun. 1711:00 amReading/Book Signing
Newport Cultural Center, Newport, ME
Jun. 216:30 pmReading/Book Signing
Scarborough Public Library, Scarborough, ME
Jun. 249:00 amAuthor Talk/Book SigningOcean Gardens Restaurant, Gorham, ME
Jul. 89:00 amBooks in BoothbayRailway Village, Boothbay, ME
Jul. 116:00 pmReading/Book Signing
Cundy's Harbor Library, Harpswell, ME
Jul. 126:00 pmReading/Book Signing
Belgrade Public Library, Belgrade, ME
Aug. 16:00 pmReading/Book SigningLincoln Memorial Library, Lincoln, ME
Aug. 52:00 pmReading/Book Signing
Waterford Public Library, Waterford, ME
Aug. 88:00 amTalk Radio ShowMaine's Big Z 92.7 and 105.5 FM, Auburn, ME
Aug. 96:00 pmReading/Book SigningWindham Public Library, Windham, ME
Aug. 115:00 pmGuest Author Dinner/FundraiserStone Mountain Arts Center, Brownfield, ME
Aug. 156:00 pm Reading/Book Signing
Bridgton Public Library, Bridgton, ME
Aug. 176:30 pmReading/Book Signing

Gray Public Library, Gray, ME

Aug. 1910:00 amBook SigningLetterpress Books, Portland, ME
Aug. 246:30 pmReading/Book Signing
Baxter Memorial Library, Gorham, ME
Sep. 811:30 amGuest Author Luncheon
So. Freeport Congregational, Freeport, ME
Sep. 92:00 pmReading/Book Signing
South Portland Public Library, South Portland, ME
Sep. 135:00 pmBook Launch (Byron #2)Mast Landing Brewery, Westbrook, ME
Sep. 161:30 pmReading/Book Signing
Soldiers Memorial Library, Hiram, ME
Sep. 214:00 pmReading/Book Signing
Pittsfield Public Library, Pittsfield, ME
Oct. 36:00 pmReading/Book Signing
Walker Memorial Library, Westbrook, ME
Oct. 65:00 pmReading/Book Signing
Maine Charitable Mechanic Assoc. Library, Portland, ME
Oct. 12-15
8:00 am2017 Bouchercon Mystery ConferenceSheraton Centre, Toronto, Canada
Oct. 211:00 pmReading/Book Signing
Vose Library, Union, ME
Oct. 27-285:30 pmMystery Writer Event/FundraiserJesup Memorial Library, Bar Harbor,ME
Oct. 317:00 pmReading/Book Signing
Camden Public Library, Camden, ME
Nov. 16:30 pmReading/Book Signing
Freeport Community Library, Freeport, ME
Nov. 10-12
8:00 am2017 N. E. Crime Bake
Boston-Woburn Hilton, Woburn, MA
Apr. 27-298:00 am2018 Malice DomesticBethesda North Marriott, Rockville, MD